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More Reports for VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6

You can download new report templates for VAKCER Project Tracker from the list below. In order to use the new template, simply copy the included .htt and .rep file (and any other optional files that may be part of the downloaded file) to Reports folder of your VAKCER Project Tracker installation (by default, "C:\Program Files\VAKCER\Project Tracker PE\Reports"). Next time you open Report dialog the new reports should be on the list.

Date Report Author Size Sample
06/16/01 Weekly Stats VAKCER 1.2K View

This report template allows users to create weekly reports for selected projects. Select the projects you want to create the report for in the Project Manager dialog and specify the date of the report. Multiple project report.

02/17/01 GST Invoice Kevin Phillips 2.5K View

This report is based on the Invoice report shipped with VPT. It has been modified to be used to produce Tax Invoices for New Zealand by adding the GST (Government Sales Tax) to the
project total. You will need to modify the template to add your own company's address information in the heading.

02/10/01 Custom Activities VAKCER 1.1K View

A list of custom activities tracked in a project. This report does not include activities that were not tracked within the time interval specified.

02/10/01 Documents and Activities VAKCER 1.3K View

This report lists all project documents and custom activities tracked during a specified time period.

02/10/01 Projects with details VAKCER 1.1K View

Shows a list of projects with their applications, activities, and expenses. Multiple project report.


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