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Sort Documents plug-in for VPT

This plug-in allows you to move document, custom activity, and expense records quickly between different projects. 

It shows all documents, custom activities, and expenses tracked in the selected project and you can simply drag and drop them  from the current project to any other project you have. And the target project doesn't have to be open in VPT first!

You can filter document records by specifying document and/or application name mask to eliminate document records you are not interested at this time. Just enter any text that you want to be in a document/application and click Apply button and the document list will be populated with documents that meet your criteria. You can use wildcard characters '?', '#' and '*' to construct more complicated filtering conditions. '?' stands for any character, '#' for any digit, '*' for any sequence of characters.

The plug-in adds a single command to the Tools menu: Sort Documents. It also adds the same command to a project pop-up menu (when you right-click the project in VPT's main application tree window). Once you select this menu item, you will see the plug-in dialog:

Click the image above to see it at full size

Note that you cannot undo the result of this plug-in, so please use it carefully. You might want to back up your current projects before running the plug-in so you can restore data in case you make a mistake...

The updated version has a resizable dialog and small icon view for the project list. Also you can delete document records by pressing Delete key in the document list.

See also: Document Rules plug-in.

Download the plug-in here:


See the installation instructions here: Installing and using VPT plugins

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