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Project Commands plug-in for VPT

When installed the plug-in adds 3 new commands to the Project menu in VAKCER Project Tracker: Save, Save All, and Delete.

Save command saves the currently selected project immediately. Usually the project is saved when it is closed or, if enabled, at a regular intervals specified in Options dialog. To make sure no project data is lost because of system failure, you can use the Save command to save any changes immediately.

Save All command saves any changes to all open projects.

Delete command closes the selected project and deletes the project file from system. The project data is permanently destroyed.

The plug-in also adds a shortcut button for the Save command to the toolbar:

Project menu before
installing the plug-in.
Project menu after
installing the plug-in.
VPT Toolbar after installing the plug-in.

Download the plug-in here:

Requires: The plug-in requires VAKCER Project Tracker 2.3 or later.

See the installation instructions here: Installing and using VPT plugins

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