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Outlook plug-in for VAKCER Project Tracker

This is a sample plug-in for VAKCER Project Tracker v2.3 that demonstrates some connectivity advantages a plug-in may offer for VPT.

When installed, the plug-in adds two new commands to the toolbar and Tools menu: Create Outlook Task List and Create Outlook Journal Records:

Create Outlook Task List

This command creates a task record in Outlook 2000 for the corresponding project(s). Select the projects from the plug-in dialog as well as the target Outlook task folder to create the tasks in:

You can quickly create a task record for an open project if you right-click it in VPT's main window and choose Add To Outlook Task List command from the pop-up menu:

This will add the selected project to the default Outlook's Task folder.

Create Outlook Journal Records

This command creates journal records for custom activities recorded in any of the open projects. When this command is executed a dialog box appears allowing you to choose the project to create Outlook journal entries for and the destination Outlook folder for the journal:

In addition to this, Outlook plug-in provides connectivity between Outlook's address book and VPT's Client database. You can transfer contact information to/from Outlook Address Book from within Client Manager. For this, the plug-in adds two custom commands to the Client Manager dialog:

Export to Outlook Contact List

When this command is selected the contact information on the current page of the Client Manager is exported to the Contacts folder of Microsoft Outlook 2000:

Import from Outlook Contact List

This command allows to import a contact from Outlook Contacts folder to the current page of the Client Manager dialog. When this command is selected a dialog box appears showing the available Outlook contacts:

Select the one you want to import and click Import. After this, the contact information is imported into the current page of Client Manager dialog:

Download the plug-in here:

Requires: Microsoft Outlook 2000, MSVBVM60.DLL, MSCOMCTL.OCX, MSADDNDR.DLL

See the installation instructions here: Installing and using VPT plugins

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