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Filter Documents plug-in for VPT

This is a plug-in that allows you to eliminate document records with small cost and/or time recorded. You can use it to delete those document records you were working with for 5 seconds or so in order not to clutter your reports. The plug-in can remove documents that contain time or cost recorded less than a specified limit value. You can also create an expense record that will contain all the cost associated with the deleted documents. Thus you will not loose the time you spent working on a project, but instead of many records with tiny times you can have one expense record with consolidated balance.

The plug-in adds a single command to the Tools menu: Filter Documents. Once you select this menu item, you will see the plug-in dialog:

Note that you cannot undo the result of this plug-in, so please use it carefully. You might want to back up your current project before running the plug-in so you can restore data in case you make a mistake...

Download the plug-in here:


See the installation instructions here: Installing and using VPT plugins

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