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Excel plug-in for VAKCER Project Tracker

This is a sample plug-in for VAKCER Project Tracker v2.3 that demonstrates some connectivity advantages a plug-in may offer for VPT.

When installed, the plug-in adds two new commands to the toolbar and Tools menu: Create Excel Table and Create Excel Chart:

Create Excel Table

This command opens Microsoft Excel, creates a new workbook and adds a listing of all open projects in VAKCER Project Tracker with individual application and document records along with recorded time and costs:

Create Excel Chart

This is another example of direct communication between VAKCER Project Tracker and Microsoft Excel. When you select this command, a dialog will appear asking you to select which projects you want to include in the chart. The projects displayed in bold are currently open in VPT:

Place checkmarks next to the projects you want to include and click OK. A new Excel workbook is created and a chart displaying the recorded time (in hours) in each of the projects:

Download the plug-in here:

Requires: Micorsoft Excel 97/2000, MSVBVM60.DLL, MSCOMCTL.OCX, MSADDNDR.DLL

See the installation instructions here: Installing and using VPT plugins

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