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Product Information

VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6 Personal Edition is a unique application that combines powerful time tracking technology, automatic and autonomous operation with ease of use, user friendly interface, and great reporting tools. Now you can track your time without distracting yourself from the work you are doing.

What's new in version 2.6
Find out what is new in VPT 2.6 compared to version 2.5

VAKCER Project Tracker 2 PE Features Overview
Browse the detailed listing of key features of the application.

List of supported applications
Review the list of over 980 applications supported by VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6 PE.

System Requirements
Review the list of required software and hardware components that must be installed on your system to ensure VAKCER Project Tracker's proper and reliable performance.

More Report templates
Download extra report templates for VAKCER Project Tracker and create even more exciting reports!

VAKCER Project Tracker Plug-ins
Download extra features in the form of plug-ins and customize the application to meet your particular demands.

Reviews and Awards
Read reviews the press has written about VAKCER Project Tracker, and check out the awards VPT has won.

Read what other people have to say about VPT.


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