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VPT 2 PE Quick Tour

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Customizing VAKCER Project Tracker

Starting from version 2.1 VAKCER Project Tracker provides support for plug-ins. This is a very important feature for anyone who requires custom functionality in the application. You can develop custom features yourself using Visual Basic or any other programming language, or you can request a custom feature from a 3rd party developer. There are some plug-in modules available now. See the list of available plug-ins that you can use right away. More plug-ins will be created in the future.

One of the most significant plug-ins available now is Network Support plug-in. This plug-in allows collaborative work of a workgroup in a network and makes tracking time for multiple users much easier. See the Plug-ins section for more information about this new feature.

A plug-in can be integrated closely into VPT's user interface. Here is an example of VPT main window after installing a Microsoft Outlook 2000 plug-in:

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the plug-in adds some toolbar buttons and commands to the menu.

You can create a plug-in to export project data to a custom format or to store the project data in a centralized database enabling VAKCER Project Tracker to work in multi-user networked environment.

VAKCER Project Tracker exposes an extensive COM object model that can be used to manipulate the application and its internal data. You can easily integrate VPT into other accounting, data processing or reporting applications.

If you are interested in developing custom solutions with VAKCER Project Tracker, make sure you visit VAKCER Developer site for more information.

Are you interested in reading what other users say about VPT? You can read the comments in VPT Forums. You can also post your questions there and someone will definitely answer them.

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