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VPT 2 PE Quick Tour

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Managing Your Projects

It is very easy to manage your existing projects. You can view brief project statistics in Project Manager without even opening the project itself. Or you can see its detailed statistics, generate a report, and edit project data records with a click of a mouse.

Project Manager
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Project Manager also allows you to export project data to a text file, so you can process it with another program to perform custom analysis or put the data into an external database.

Even though VPT 2 PE is not designed to support multi-user environment, it is still possible to manage projects for small workgroups. Using Project Manager's Copy To... and Insert From... commands you can save the current project to a portable disk file and transfer the data to another machine where they can be imported. Project Manager allows users to merge several projects into one or just generate combined reports showing combined statistics for several projects*.

Project Manager
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* Combined reports for projects that use different billing rates for the same tracked computer application may show incorrect billable amounts.

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