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VPT 2 PE Quick Tour

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Statistics & Reports

One of the biggest achievements of VPT 2 over the previous version is the very powerful statistics and reporting tools. You can view project statistics for the specified period of time or generate a detailed report. The report is generated as an HTML page that can be then printed, mailed to a client, or published to the Internet or intranet.

The Project Report feature can be customized to an almost limitless number of report types and designs, as it uses external template files that completely determine what, where and how information should be presented in the report. The template is a normal HTML file you can create yourself which has some extra tags to control data generation (like looping and conditional statements) as well as a set of substitution fields.

Project Statistics Dialog
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Standard shipment of VPT 2 PE includes over a dozen ready-to-use report templates. If they don't suit your particular needs, you can always modify them or create your own.

Project Report Dialog
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Here you can find several report samples generated by VPT's Project Report tool:

The macro language used in report templates is very easy to understand and master. Here is an example of an HTML template source used to generate a report for the top 10 applications used in the project (for simplicity, most of text formatting is removed from HTML code here):

Top 10 Applications by Time

Report Period: {$Period}

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">
<loopapp sort=time top=10>
    <td><img border="0" src="bar.gif" 
        height="10">  {#AppTime*100/PrjAppTime}%</td>
    <td>Total Project Application Time:</td>

See the Sample Report 3 for the output example of the above code.

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