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VPT 2 PE Quick Tour

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Starting a New Project

Before you can start working on a project, you must first set it up in VPT. Just click the New Project button in the toolbar and enter all of the information that is applicable for your particular project:

New Project
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You should define at least one client before you can work on a project. Just click the Client Manager button, enter the client's information, and then hit the "+" button:

Client Manager
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You don't have to fill out all of the fields available - only those you need.

A special feature - Project Budget - allows you to specify project time or cost limits. When you are approaching the limit, VPT will notify you that the budget is about to be consumed soon, so you can be aware of your productivity. This is especially useful for project on which you need to put limited resources or for refining your plans and expectations.

After all of the parameters are defined for a new project, you are ready to go. The main application window will show the project information and all of the applications and documents that are being currently tracked. Items in bold on the tree list represent the active application and/or document.

As soon as you launch a new application or open a new document, VPT will update the tree automatically, starting to track time for the new application/document. Only the active document's time is being recorded at any one time. The rest are suspended until activated (a document is activated automatically whenever you switch to its application and bring the document window to the front).

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