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Here you can read what other people have said about VAKCER Project Tracker.
If you want a "must have" program, you NEED this one!
VAKCER Project Tracker is what every designer needs. It keeps track of every move you make on a client's project and calculates time and cost.
- Pen Marketing Web Design
I really appreciate your help and answering my questions. 75% of my program choices are determined by the kind of tech support I get when I need help or have questions. AND YOU GUYS ARE GREAT ... Support is one of the major problems in the software world. I really appreciate you being there for this. NOT MANY ARE! ... I will be telling people about this program AND the great support they will get.
- Todd Dittmer, US Sign
One of the reasons time sheeting fails is that people cannot remember what they did 30 minutes ago, let alone, what they did 2 days ago. So they assign the time they're not sure of to a generic task. At the end of the project, we end up doing a lot of 'generic task' ... That's where VAKCER Project Tracker comes into the fray. With it, it's possible to accurately keep track of the time spent on applications/documents.
- Denis Krizanovic
Your software is the best. Has saved me mega time and effort. When charging customers by the hour, few can disagree with a report from a tracked document.
- Gail Portervint
First of all, thanks for developing the Project Tracker. I knew I needed something like this last year already after working off and on (in my spare time) on my first few projects and not having a clear picture of how much time I actually spent on them. I even suggested the idea of a windows application tracker to the software developer that I was working for. I found VAKCER PT last weekend while browsing Tucows again. I downloaded the trial version immediately and bought the full version the next day. It is perfect for the job.
- Henry de Jong, H.James Co.
I just downloaded the demo and think it's pretty impressive. ... I've been looking for a tracking program for the PC for a long time.
- Tom Householder, Tortoise Digital
I recently downloaded the 21 day trial of your software, find it to be everything I need ... Once again, thanks for your support, and a pat on your back for the good software.
- Matthew DeWaal
Your software is very good - I assessed it against a few of the top ones lawyers use etc. You have the right combination of enough detail, without cumbersomeness. It is positioned well for my end of the market, don't lose that ease of set up in the quest for 'improved', it is your core positioning.
- Katrina Jacobsen
I just bought P.T., it's great!
- David Lingerak
I downloaded a demo version of your software and I find it very fascinating. Congratulation to all you for creating such a useful program. I am planning to forward information about this software to other associates.
- Sid Aslami
I just purchased the Vakcer ver. 2.0.101. Thank you for the product; it is exactly what I was dreaming about!
- Ivo Truxa, TRUXOFT
First of all, let me say that I'm very excited about finding your program! I have been looking for something like this for at least 10 years! I have always dreaded doing my billing, because I have to do so much manipulation of data with my present system to go from tracking the work done to getting a finished invoice.
- Terry Stadelman
I was looking for software such as yours 6 months ago and gave up as all I could find were timers that you had to manually start and stop which were more of a pain than a help.
- Mike Milburn
I downloaded the demo version of Project Tracker 2 PE. It seems to be much more than I really need but boy I wish I had it when I was working in the printing industry. It would've been very, very handy.
- Ivy Wood, Streampoint Financial Systems, Inc.
I just want to say that I think VAKCER Project Tracker is an
excellent product, and very ingenious.
- Andrew Ward, Award Communications Ltd
I have downloaded your VAKCER Project Tracker 2.1 and it seems like something I've been needing for years. 
- David Distler
We always welcome your feedback. Good or bad, anything you wish to say about the program is very important and useful to us. Please feel free to send your thoughts, opinions, and comments to feedback@vakcer.com.

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