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VPT2.6 Features Overview

VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6 includes the following features:
  • Automatic applications/documents tracking. There's no start/stop time buttons. VPT knows when you launch an application or open a new document.
  • Recognizes over 900 popular applications from word processors, email clients and web browsers to advanced 3D modeling, CAD/CAM and database applications. New applications can be added later by installing corresponding TAL modules released by VAKCER.
  • Independent billing rates for each application.
  • Differential rates. You can define more complex billing methods than just constant rate. You can charge one amount for first several hours or days, then another amount and so on. The number of possible billing time intervals is unlimited.
  • Project Presets. You can define a set of applications and corresponding billing rates in a preset and then use it later each time you create a new project to speed up the project creation process.
  • Custom Activities. You can add manually or have tracked any other "non-computer" activities like phone calls, consultations or even a coffee break. And adding a new activity is as fast as two mouse clicks.
  • Additional project expenses. You can add any other expenses (like delivery, or commercial printing).
  • Project Budget. You can define time and/or cost budget and VPT will warn when you are running sort of time/money for the project.
  • Client database. You can define several clients and assign projects to them.
  • Export/Import client information. You can export/import client information to share data between applications or different computers. VPT can read/write Electronic Business Card (vCard) format (*.vcf).
  • COM support. Create custom features with Visual Basic or other programming language. Or use 3rd party plugins that available for VPT.
  • Total control over project data. You can edit any project record at any time.
  • Password protection for projects. Disable editing recorded time for your employees by supplying a password for editing projects.
  • Multiple projects open at a time. You can open several projects and VPT will determine which applications will be tracked in which project. You can drag and drop applications and/or documents between projects easily.
  • Time is tracked on hourly basis. Time for each document or custom activity is tracked on hourly basis, so it is possible to get document time for last several hours, days or weeks.
  • Project Statistics. You can see which documents you were working on during specific time period and for how long.
  • Project Reports. You can build extensive project reports and save them to HTML format, then print them, send to your customers or publish to web. There could be virtually unlimited number of report types as the report information is fully determined by the HTML template used to generate the report. You can create your own templates and get reports customized to your needs. VPT uses its own macro language to define custom data processing routines in the project templates.
  • Unattended mode. A special feature that prevents tracking time when the user is out from the computer.

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