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VAKCER produces computer software specializing in tracking project time and expenses. VAKCER Project Tracker (VPT) is the best time tracking application of its class available on the market today. Unlike any other applications, it is completely automatic which means you don't have to start or stop timers. VAKCER Project Tracker does it by itself while you can concentrate on the job you are doing.

VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6

The Perfect Software for Your Business

VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6 (VPT2.6) is a powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use application that will help you manage your project time efficiently and bill your clients properly for the job done. VPT2.6 is capable of detecting over 980 popular programs ranging from word processors, spreadsheets, and communication packages to 3D modeling, CAD, sign design, database applications and much more. VPT monitors your system for running applications and keeps track of what is open in them. Once you start a program or open a new document, VPT will detect this and begin to track the time. There's no need to notify the program of switching between applications and documents.

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