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VPT doesn't track an application I'm using

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 5:47 pm    Post subject: VPT doesn't track an application I'm using Reply with quote

Q: I'm using an application which VAKCER Project Tracker does not recognize and cannot track. How can I make VPT support it?

A: Each application is created by their authors in a unique way, so it is not easy to provide adequate tracking for all the applications available. To ensure the highest quality of the tracking process we review each application's behavior and mode of operation to determine the best ways of tracking all the information (proper document names, etc).

This requires some insight on the application's internals. VPT comes with a database of 800+ applications which are already recognized. New applications can be added to the database on demand. For this to happen you need to provide us with the information required to make this happen.

For brief description of the process and for the tool you need to use, please visit the following page:

The procedure to gather the correct information about your application is as follows:

  1. Download AppFinder application from the link above
  2. Start AppFinder. You should see the main dialog (see the screenshot below).
  3. Start your application you want to add to VPT
  4. Create or open a document in your application (if it supports this)
  5. Switch to AppFinder. Make sure that your application is still visible on the screen below the AppFinder window.
  6. Click Get App Info... button. The mouse cursor will turn into a vertical arrow.
  7. Click on the document window of your application. Important! Do not click anywhere else after you clicked Get App Info... button. Make sure that your second click is on your target application. You cannot click on the taskbar to switch the applications or anywhere else!
  8. You should be presented with a message box which shows the title of your application if you clicked on the proper window. If you missed, press No and try again.
  9. If the application title is shown correctly, press Yes and fill up additional application details in the dialog that follows.
  10. Specify a file name to save the data to (preferably, give it a name which reflects the name of the application you are working on) and save the data
  11. Get the data file and send it via email to along with a screenshot of your application (in GIF, PNG or JPEG formats)

Your submission will be processed and you will be sent a custom support module (a file with .TAL extension) which you can install into VAKCER Project Tracker and this should allow it to track the new application.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:15 pm    Post subject: Re: VPT doesn't track an application I'm using Reply with quote

Re instructions above on getting an application added to Project Tracker: that is terrific support for a program that doesn't cost much to begin with. I'm impressed!

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