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VAKCER Project Tracker 2.1 introduces support for plug-ins. A plug-in is a separate program module that adds new functionality to the main application.

VAKCER Project Tracker 2.1 supports 2 types of plug-ins: COM Add-ins and DLL Plug-ins. 

COM Add-ins use the common add-in interface as defined by Microsoft in their Office and development applications.

DLL Plug-ins use a proprietary interface and have more control over VAKCER Project Tracker.

VAKCER Project Tracker on-line help files contain detailed help on using the COM Object Model exposed by the application. Please refer to vptom.hlp file found in the target installation folder of the application. You can also get context-sensitive help if you develop your plug-ins with Visual Basic. Just set a reference to VAKCER Project Tracker 2.1 Type Library and press F1 while the cursor is over an object or method belonging to VPT. 

Here you can find more information on how to use VPT's COM automation interface and how to create your own plug-ins.

Date Document
11/21/2000 VPT 2.1 Object Model

A single HTML document showing all objects, properties, and methods as exported by VAKCER Project Tracker 2.1

Should you require assistance when creating custom solutions, you can contact VAKCER Technical Support.


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